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Car Imports

Containerized vehicle shipping

With over 15 years experience in freight logistics, we arrange everything involved in getting the car(new and used) from the auction house in Japan or UK to on-road in Kenya. We have negotiated discounted rates on shipping and compliance costs enabling our customers to save hundreds of thousands KSH.


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Importing your next car with us direct from the UK or Japan is as easy as A B C!

We stay in touch with you throughout the journey, so you can sit back and relax.


For Japan cars we go to the auctions and bid the perfect car for you. For UK cars we can help you find the perfect car.


We bid and buy on your behalf and secure it for the best possible price.


We arrange everything required to have the car on road in Kenya.


We give you a soft landing by allowing you to pay 50% value of the vehicle we you order and clear the balance when the documents arrive.


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Tell us the make, model, YoM, color and other specs of a car that our you intend to import and we will advice you on the cost of the unit, all the charges involved (we've no hidden charges), timeline upto when it will be delivered plus answer all questions you may have regarding the project.

On your behalf we handle all the importation processes including bank transfers, duty payment, handling, storage,registration and clearing at the port of Mombasa.

While the vehicle is still in the high seas, the clearing process starts. IDF (Import Declaration Form) is applied. Documents needed from the client for this process is the ID card and the PIN copies. After the ship docks, port charges, delivery order and duty are paid. We will normally get your car out of the port in approximately 4 ~5 working days. Note:Vehicles leave the port complet with registration number plates fully street legal.

Once cleared and all payment settled, the vehicle can be driven to your desired destination. Or you can pick the option of transportation on a car carrier. We have very secure premises with a warehouse, it has 24/7 patrol guard and CCTV where we could store the car until you are ready to pick it.

We can source you the best value cars from Japan with the assurance of the high quality vehicles and professional service associated with DW Express. We identify the best vehicles available in the market or bid at auction on your behalf via our partners in Japan. Only exceptional cars make the grade. We highly recommend cars that are registered as grade 4 and above by the auction house.

Quality assurance comes approved bodies like QISJ or JEVIC. All cars need to have all of the following to make the grade: Correct Grade on the national grading from the auctioneer, Country specific pre-export inspection approval, The current registration certificate (verifying mileage)

Most vehicles are shipped ‘roll on- roll off’(RoRo). We can arrange containerized shipping in you prefer. Should you require your vehicle to be air freighted to you, please talk to us for such an arrangement.

Once your car is on the vessel to its destination, we courier all the original vehicle documentation, the bill of lading and all loose items such as spare keys to you. In addition we will provide an English translation of the manufacturer’s book pack free of charge (subject to availability).